Ask an Advisor: What’s a CFP?


Jake: 00:10

Hi, I’m Jake Sturgill with Puckett and Sturgill Financial Group in our Ask an Advisor Series. Today I’m with David Hemler. David, one of the questions that we’re often asked, what’s a CFP, and why does that matter?

David: 00:23

Yes, it is a great question, and I take the time when I first meet with clients to educate them about the CFP letters. And so, CFP stands for certified financial planner professional. And it’s a designation, it’s awarded in recognition of an individual who was passed through a rigorous process that’s set forth by the CFP board of standards that outlines the four E’s that really kind of show the public what the CFP letters really entail for the individual who is using that credential.

David: 01:02

And the four E’s are, they stand for education, examination, experience and ethics. And so, the public can feel very confident when they’re working with an individual who has attained the CFP designation, that that person has competency in all the dynamic levels of financial planning. And so, they can feel very good about the person they’re working with has, actually has oversight, constant level of oversight to a rigorous body of education that they had to go through, as well as the examination and the experience levels that are required in order for us to use the designation in.

Jake: 01:46

So, it sounds like it’s really about taking more of a broader holistic approach, looking at everything and going above and beyond just having something to be able to sell you something.

David: 01:57

By all means the CFP professional is somebody who actually has spent at least a year of classroom work at the graduate level. And again, it encompasses a body of financial planning. We’re educated in many, many areas, estate planning, taxation, risk management, investment planning, all of the different dynamic approaches that are necessary in order for us to build sensible financial planning outcomes on behalf of our clients. And we’re very proud at Puckett and Sturgill to be five individuals who’ve given the dedication to ourselves to provide guidance to the folks that we meet with and our clients as a certified financial planner professionals.

Jake: 02:42

Differences do matter. And so, thank you for answering that question, David. And we welcome any future questions from our clients. So, please feel free to shoot us an email, give us a call, visit our website. We’ve got tons of great content there. We’re always just a phone call or email away.

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