If you’re passionate about important social issues, we can help ensure your money is being invested without compromising your values. Our approach to Socially Responsible Investing starts with employing an independent social screen vendor to research the business activities of companies across several areas to identify exclusion regarding the following social issues:

Social Screens Include:

  • Abortions, Abortive Agents, and Contraceptives


  • Adult Entertainment


  • Child Labor


  • Gambling


  • Landmines and Cluster Bombs


  • Republic of the Sudan


  • Stem Cell Research


  • Tobacco and Alcohol


  • Weapons


Portfolios are then built by utilizing fundamental investment principals, pursuing targeted returns while maintaining a consistent focus on the desired asset class, and seeking to minimize costs, such as those related to turnover, without sacrificing diversification.

Together we can design an investment strategy without compromising your personal values.

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