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Three Reasons Not to Ditch Your Bond Fund

Deborah Williams, CFP®

If you are retired, or plan to retire within the next few years, a portion of your portfolio may be allocated to fixed income. With the yield curve sitting flat for so long, you may contemplate ditching your bonds for greener pastures. It’s not easy staying committed when the headlines have been so glum and interest rates are expected to rise. However, bond funds can be critical to the long-term success of many retirement plans and here’s why I advise my clients to keep an appropriate allocation to fixed income.

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Why is the Market Still So Hot?

Jacob Sturgill, CFP®

The market is red hot and, if it continues, will end up being the longest bull market in history. Currently, we are in second place after a record level was reached by the S&P 500 index last July. The bull market to beat was 3,452 days long and ended in 2000. So what is really fueling the market? Pre and post-election optimism? Trump’s policy reform? Low interest rates? Our answer is three part…a plow horse economy, Trump trade, and fixed income experiencing the worst quarter in over 15 years at the end of 2016.

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Tax Smart in 2017

Use our new infographic when meeting with your tax advisor or CPA to help you seek overall tax efficiency and make informed financial decisions in 2017.

Aaron Puckett Of Puckett & Sturgill Financial Group Recognized As A Top Financial Advisor By LPL Financial


WESTMINSTER, Md., Jan. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Aaron Puckett, an LPL Financial-affiliated advisor at Puckett & Sturgill Financial Group, has been recognized as a top financial advisor and named to LPL’s Chairman’s Club. This premier honor is awarded to less than 6% of the firm’s approximately 14,000 advisors nationwide, and is based on an annual production of all registered advisors supported by LPL.

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