Ask an Advisor: What does the future look like for Puckett & Sturgill Financial Group?


Paul: 00:08

Hi. Welcome to Puckett & Sturgill Financial Group Ask An Advisor segment. I’m Paul Sorenson, financial planner with Puckett & Sturgill Financial Group, and I’m here today with Aaron Puckett. Aaron, what’s the future for this firm look like? They’re, they’re creating a relationship with our firms, so what’s the future look like for Puckett & Sturgill?

Aaron: 00:26

Boy, I wish I could tell the future. I wish I had a crystal ball. I could just, but yeah, I think to understand my best guess anyway as to what the future of our firm will look like, is to really look at what are the core parts of our firm that have been there since the beginning. And there are some things that haven’t changed. Those are, I think three main things.

Aaron: 00:50

First of all, we really value advisers that have credentials and experience, and are very competent and qualified people.

Paul: 00:57


Aaron: 00:58

And so as we think about our firm going forward and possibly continuing to grow, I think we’re only going to be looking for advisors that kind of fit that mold of what we’ve done.

Paul: 01:11

Educated folks.

Aaron: 01:12

Yeah. We want to see that they’re educated and that they are extremely competent.

Paul: 01:17


Aaron: 01:18

The second thing is I think the team element of our firm is something that is very special. And so I think advisors that buy into that idea that they want to be part of a team, they don’t want to operate in a bubble, you know?

Paul: 01:32

Not sitting on an island by themselves trying to figure it out.

Aaron: 01:34

They value each other. I know you do, and I know I do. We value the advice and the camaraderie that we experience as part of that team.

Paul: 01:43


Aaron: 01:44

I think it’s better for clients too when the advisor is operating as part of a team. So I could see that being something that’s a characteristic of our firm in the future.

Aaron: 01:54

And then the last thing, which I think is probably the most important, and that is that we all of us have a very strong ethical commitment to our clients. We really care about them. Our families have been in the community a long time. We want to do what’s right for people and we really care, and that’s the culture.

Aaron: 02:15

No matter how many people are working with our company or what lines of business have changed and how the industry has changed, I think those are the key components, the parts of our value proposition that will continue, be competent advisors working together as a team with their sole focus on taking care of their clients, doing what’s right for them that they can because they care.

Paul: 02:39

Excellent. Excellent. Well thanks, Aaron. That was really helpful and I think it really gives a look towards the future of what Puckett & Sturgill will be and currently is. Thanks for joining us today and watching the Ask An Advisor segment with Puckett & Sturgill Financial Group. We hope that if you have additional questions, you’ll reach out to us via the website or give us a buzz. So thanks a lot and we’ll see you next time on Ask An Advisor.

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